THE ACTION FIX: Happy Birthday Dolph Lundgren!

By: John M Jerva

The last Action Fix was a solemn one as we said goodbye to an icon with the passing of Sir Sean Connery. The man was a legend so no more needs to be said and as we say farewell, it’s time to kick things up to a nice positive level and with this edition of The Action Fix, we say happy birthday to another legend as Dolph Lundgren is celebrating his 63rd birthday today Tuesday, November 3rd.

Ever since Lundgren burst onto the scene in 1986’s Rocky IV (I remember seeing it opening weekend like it was yesterday), Mr. Lundgren has been a rock in the action genre ever since. From big budget releases like Universal Soldier and the more recent Aquaman, to smaller DTV fair like Showdown in Little Tokyo and my personal favorite The Punisher, Lundgren has served it up to his fans on many of occasion.

Lundgren has been both hero and villain in his flicks but whichever one he was at that particular time, he owned the role and that is why he is a living legend in action cinema today.

So with that, we have a special edition of The Action Fix and normally I would have chosen something from The Punisher but I’ve done that one before do instead I give you the awesome John Woo style shootout from Army Of One AKA The Joshua Tree. This was definitely one of Lundgren’s best action series pieces and it radiates Hong Kong style gunplay to its fullest. It’s ultra-violent and it shows just how great the 90’s and DTV action was.

Happy Birthday Dolph. May you kick ass for many more years to come.

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