THE CIRCUIT: The Street Monk is Back on a New Poster for the Event Series Starring Olivier Gruner!

By: John M Jerva

Martial arts films were huge in the 90’s as DTV films flooded the market and no other sub genre was more popular than the tournament films where action heroes took on all in matches to the death. Olivier Gruner was a big headliner during those days and his Circuit trilogy was a rousing display of B movie goodness. Even though the third film was never officially released in the states, Gruner punctuated the films with his real life experiences in martial arts and combat.

Now the Street Monk is back as Gruner has reunited with fellow 90’s martial arts filmmaker and star Jalal Merhi for an all new event series called fittingly enough The Circuit. Gruner reprises his role of former underworld fisticuffs champion Dirk Longstreet in a continuation that picks up years after the last movie hit. The series was a pleasant surprise for sure and it looks like it captures the throwback feel of the films as well.

A new poster has surfaced courtesy of the show’s IMDb page showcasing Gruner as well as a coming soon tag line. Merhi is behind the lens as producer and director with a formidable cast that includes Gruner, Richard Tyson, the one and only Billy Bkanks, Patrick Kirkpatrick and the iconic Eric Roberts. Check out the new one sheet below!

The IMDb also has episodes starring as early as January 1st of 2021 but take that with a grain of salt but hopefully we will hear more 411 in the near future on the project as this year has been devoid of new product in films and television for sure.

Check out my initial article I wrote up last winter which features some BTS Images and more along with a promo teaser that showed off some footage from the series.

A tip of my Punisher cap goes out to fellow Facebook buddy Andrew Babcock for posting the poster on his page and putting it on my radar.

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