Amazon Prime Unleashes Maximum Martial Arts Mayhem with Indie Filmmaker and Screen Fighting Phenom Ara Paiaya!

By: John M Jerva

In the realm of independent action cinema, filmmaker and martial arts whiz Ara Paiaya has been a staple for several years now with several films under his belt. Taking his cues from icon Jackie Chan, Paiaya has delivered some great action and comedy and now five of his offerings are available on demand on Amazon Prime UK and also available on DVD from the U.S. check the man out in action down below and experience high- octane action and comedy to please serious fans around the world!

Turn away from the typical Hollywood fare and prepare for an offbeat trip with some mondo action packed far-out films from the Ara Paiaya direct to video archives. This VOD and DVD collection of strange, surreal, outrageous and straight up weird cult classics is packed with several martial arts films that are anything but mainstream. Celebrate this visceral roller-coaster of indie filmmaking with these outlandish and quirky adventures of insanity! From Kung Fu masters, ninjas, femme fatales, bloody revenge to talking cars and all genre references in-between, discover action comedy and nonsense lurking around every corner of this cult independent film collection!

The five films include:

A hitman is double crossed and left for dead. Only to be saved by a mysterious crime fighting organization. They send him to a fabled martial arts master in Hong Kong. There he learns Kung Fu and embarks on his new mission – cleaning up the mean streets! This wacky mashup film contains scenes from Night Driver, Dubbed & Dangerous, Dubbed & Dangerous III and some all new fight scenes.

Blake Bradley an ex-veteran leads a quite happy life with his family in Scotland. His life is shattered when his wife is killed during a home invasion, following which Blake decides to seek revenge and he soon gets entangled with the local drug kingpin and his gang but all is not what is seems and soon Blake finds himself going from the hunter to the hunted.


An international terrorist organization plans to take over the world. The Agent is sent out to bring them in, dead or alive.

Agent X races to rescue a captured security defence expert from the hands of a rouge agent known as Pirani. A harsh man who will show no mercy to anyone. Agent X faces his most deadly adversaries. Fleeing from assassins and fighting his way to the shocking truth in this action packed martial arts adventure.


A hitman is double crossed and left for dead. Only to be saved by a mysterious crime fighting organization who team him up with a virtually indestructible and artificially intelligent supercar. Together they battle the forces of evil.

If you’re looking for some great action Jackie Chan style then look no further. The Jackie Chan Group even gave Ara and his films a high endorsement by saying “we admire your efforts and talents,” which is high praise indeed. Paiaya really has some serious extreme fighting skills and even though these are lower budgeted affairs, they still make for a fun viewing on a Saturday night. They’re not boring and that’s for sure as each title is loaded with fierce combat choreography.

Check out the films now by clicking the links below and get to know Ara Paiaya!

Prime Video UK:

Order the DVD’s from Amazon US:

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