SEIZED: Scott Adkins Dishes Out the Punishment in the 2nd Trailer for the Isaac Florentine Helmed Action-Thriller!

By: John M Jerva

Just last week, we were treated to our first footage of the highly anticipated film Seized which reunites Scott Adkins with his Undisputed Director Isaac Florentine. The initial trailer showcased a lot of action and Scott doing, well, what Scott does best.

Now we have a second all new trailer with even more new footage and this one looks like it’s gonna be another classic old school fight fest with Adkins dishing out the punishment with a variety of weapons including himself. Take a peek at the new teaser below and check out co-star Mario Van Peebles chewing up the scenery as a ruthless cartel boss that goes up against Adkins and kidnaps his son.

Official Synopsis: Hiding out with his son Taylor on the Mexican coast, Nero (Scott Adkins, Doctor Strange) hopes to put his violent Special Forces career behind him. But after Nero’s home is attacked and Taylor is abducted, the mysterious Mzamo (Mario Van Peebles, Heartbreak Ridge) orders Nero to slaughter the members of three rival crime syndicates. If he fails, Taylor will die. Now, with bullets flying and bodies dropping as Nero completes his mission, he races to find Mzamo’s hideout and seek revenge.

Adkins has paired with filmmaker and resident stunt aficionado Jesse V. Johnson as of late but it was Florentine that put Adkins on fans’ radar with the 2003 film Special Forces and we can’t forget that we owe Yuri Boyka, Adkins’ most iconic character, to Isaac as well. This one certainly has a great mixture of Taken and John Wick vibe when you see the trailer and Adkins looks in fine form once again. There’s no denying the throwback 90’s VHS feel to it either.

Along with the new trailer, we also have a release date which will be October 13th with Lionsgate Home Entertainment launching the title after just putting out Legacy of Lies last week. Without further ado, relish in Adkins pummeling the bad guys and pummeling then well.

Source: Slash Film-

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