BLOODSPORT Franchise Star Daniel Bernhardt Talks All Things Action with Scott Adkins on THE ART OF ACTION!

By: John M Jerva

The 90’s VHS Action boom was one awesome experience and before Scott Adkins broke out in the early 2000’s we had plenty of action heroes to thrill us including Don “The Dragon” Wilson, Jeff Wincott and Jerry “Golden Boy” Trimble to just name of few.

One star to rise to the top was none other than Daniel Bernhardt who succeeded Jean-Claude Van Damme in the Bloodsport franchise and I for one thought he carried the torch just fine as he would go in to star in 3 films in the franchise as well as other great VHS action like True Vengeance, Perfect Target, and the Mortal Kombat series.

Bernhardt is featured in Mike Fury’s new book Life of Action Volume II

Bernhardt certainly had and still has the skills to make himself a formidable force in action cinema and he has had a wonderful resurgence as of late starring in the first John Wick as well as Atomic Blonde. Lets not forget the fierce, down and gritty beatdown he had with Jason Statham in Parker. Bernhardt was also featured in Stallone’s Escape Plan: The Extractors where he threw down with Ip Man 3 and Master Z action phenom Max Zhang.

Bernhardt with Stallone on the set of Escape Plan: The Extractors

Now, Bernhardt is the latest guest on Scott Adkins’ The Art of Action where the two talk about Daniel’s career and more. Adkins has been keeping himself busy during the lockdown and these YouTube conversations with some of the best past and present action heroes of the genre have been a real treat for fans like myself.

Check out Adkins’ full interview with Bernhardt below and marvel as two of the greats in action cinema talk casually about all things Action!

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