Comic Con@Home: Charlize Theron Talks Action, THE OLD GUARD, ATOMIC BLONDE and More!

By: John M Jerva

The unprecedented Comic Con@Home is well under way and with that fans have been soaking up as much content as that can as SDCC has still been delivering the goods even though no one can be there in person. The event has been hosting panels and more since yesterday and today was packed with exclusive goodies as well.

One panel of note was one that featured actress and new resident bad ass Charlize Theron who is killing it in her latest film The Old Guard which is a massive hit since premiering a few weeks ago on Netflix. Theron got the opportunity to talk very candidly about her career and her first attempt at action which was the poorly received Aeon Flux.

Theron also talked about Mad Max: Fury Road which she said she’ll never recover from and also chatted up Atomic Blonde in which she praised Director David Leitch.

Theron also went back in time and talked about The Italian Job and evening talked about what fans her parents were of Chuck Norris. Aren’t we all?

Check out the full panel with Theron below and I must say, I’m digging the virtual con as it’s more intimate and it sure is less stressful then having to brave the huge crowds. It’s much, much cheaper as well. Take a peek below!

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