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NOTHING MAN: A Homeless Man with Nothing to Lose Will Leave No Survivors in the Thrilling Action Pic Hitting in January

By: John M Jerva

High Octane Picturesis at it again with another shot of gritty, brutal indie action with the upcoming release of the thriller Nothing Man wich stars  Daniel Hall as an amnesiatic homeless man who setsout on a mission of vengeance when his good friend is brutaly slain by a ruthless criminal element. The film will hit January 14th on DVD and Digital and we have your first look for you down below!

Stephen Gallacher’s homeless hero out for payback in NOTHING MAN

From director Stephen Gallacher, and in the tradition of Hard Target and The Most Dangerous Game, comes the nail-biting crime thriller Nothing Man.

Available January 14 2020 on DVD and Digital, the film stars Daniel Hall as Noam, a frightened amnesiac who has taken himself away from society, living life as a homeless man. When his only friend is murdered in cold blood, Noam sets out in search of justice and truth, but at the cost of unlocking his own checkered past.

Jennifer Jordan, Ric Vince and Tony Goodall co-star in a Stephen Gallacher film, out 1/14 from High Octane Pictures.

From the new trailer that just dropped, I got a real Jesse V. Johnson vibe as it reminded me of the director’s recent great flicks as Avengement and The Debt Collector. This film looks like it’s stripped down to the most animalistic of nature so I’m intrigued to check it out. High Octane Pictures is famous for acquiring action films that are different from the pack and I love the man with no name bent on vengeance plotline.

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