Donnie Yen Confirms IP MAN 4: THE FINALE will be His Final Kung Fu Film

By: John M Jerva

Martial Arts and action icon Donnie Yen is closing a chapter in the book of his life as he has officially confirmed that the highly anticipated Ip Man 4: The Finale will be his last Kung Fu film that he will ever do. The news came at a press conference that Yen attended in Beijing while promoting the fourth film of the epic franchise about the life of Ip Man, the legendary master who would be best known as the master who instructed the great Bruce Lee.

Now before everyone throws their hands up in disbelief, it is important to mention that Yen will no longer be making traditional Kung Fu films not action films altogether. Yen will still make contemporary action flicks which will feature his signature high octane fisticuffs but Yen feels that it is time to move on and wants to grow as a performer.

At the press conference, Yen was quoted as saying:

“As an actor and filmmaker, I have made so many movies, some that people love and some that people don’t love. On this challenging road, I filmed a number of kung fu films that are about the same. As an actor, you must keep going forward. This is something that I must do in life; I must keep exploring to grow. This is the meaning of life, so I am very grateful Ip Man 4: The Finale is my final kung fu movie. I hope it can be written on a valuable page in Chinese film history, and I will continue my journey as an actor.”

Donnie Yen says goodbye to the Kung Fu genre that made him a superstar

Yen, who is now 56 years old, still shows no sign of slowing down as he has his latest cop thriller Raging Fire waiting in the wings and will also be seen in next year’s live adaptation of the classic Disney film MULAN. Yen also has the film Sleeping Dogs in development which is based on the adrenaline pumping video game of the same name so Yen fans still have a lot to look forward to. Yen looks better than ever and is moving just as fast and furious as he ever did back in the day.

Helmed by Wilson Yip, Ip Man 4: The Finale also stars action phenom Scott Adkins who will finally throw down with the icon on screen for the first time ever. The film releases in China on December 20th and then on Christmas Day here in North America from Well Go USA. Check out the official Well Go USA site for all the info on cities showing the film on the big screen:

Source: M.A.A.C.

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