Will Wesley Snipes Play Dracula in the the MCU’s BLADE Reboot with Mahershala Ali?

I’m back from vacation today and am currently going through my inbox on all the cool sh!t I missed in the last few days and here is one tasty rumor that I’m all over. Now normally, I don’t bother with rumors but when it comes to Blade, I’ll take the time to throw my hat into the ring and then some.

According to Cosmic Book News, there are rumblings that the original Daywalker himself, Wesley Snipes, might get to be a part of the MCU’s new version of Blade. Per the article, it’s stated that Marvel really wants Snipes to be involved which if it’s true us really cool.

The other piece of gossip also is that they want to go “old school” and set the film in the vein of “Tomb Of Dracula” issue #1 which was the first appearing The iconic horror character.

If Snipes doesn’t pan out then it is being said that Marvel will try for Giancarlo Esposito which would clarify the rumors that Marvel is looking towards Esposito to okay a villain.

Take all this with a grain of salt and I have a feeling my post will be null and void soon but like I said, I’m a huge fan and I am eating up any and all rumors and news on this one. Keep it locked and loaded right here for more details to come!!!

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