THE PREY: Dark Star Pictures Set to Unleash JAILBREAK Director Jimmy Henderson’s Latest this October!

Jailbreak director Jimmy Henderson has made quite the name for himself ever since helming the Cambodien action-comedy Jailbreak which unleashed action phenom Jean-Paul Ly upon the action world and now his latest endeavor The Prey is lighting Fantasia Fest on fire as we speak. The film, which is a retelling of The World’s Most Dangerous Game, is now poised and ready to hit North America this fall!

Bloody Disgusting has brought the news that the newest action epic from Cambodia was acquired by Dark Star Pictures and will be released this October with a limited theatrical release and subsequent VOD and Digital release.

Per Bloody Disgusting: Henderson returns as director on The Prey and reunites with writer Michael Hodgson and co-writer Kai Milleron the story of Xin (Gu Shang Wei), an undercover Chinese cop who gets arrested during a raid on a gang he infiltrated.

When he is slung in a remote jungle prison, Xin is targeted by a corrupt warden who invites wealthy businessmen to hunt his criminal charges. Gu Sheng Wei and Vithaya Pansringarm star.

The trailer, which was released sometime ago, is loaded with some awesome action and from Henderson, you know it’s going to deliver the brutal and bloody goods with spectacular fisticuffs.

The Prey will hit this fall in October so be prepared for more details to come and peek at the trailer again!

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