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RE:BORN- The Tak Sakaguchi CQC Action-Thriller Needs A Proper U.S. Release

As I’ve revamped my website and switched hosting platforms, a lot of my older posts will fall into the unfortunate void of the web never to be seen again. I’ve accepted this since my new site is 1000 times better. One film that I did promote heavily on my old site was the Japanese close quarters combat action epic Re:Born which starred martial arts whirlwind Tak Sakaguchi or just simply Tak to his legions of fans. Tak is a world renowned martial artist, actor, director, action choreographer and stuntman And was first noticed in the insane film Versus. Re:Born is an awesome looking and brutal action flick that was helmed by Yûji Shimomura who also directed Tak in the cult classic Death Trance.

The film which featured Tak as a legendary covert warrior who dusts off his lethal combat skilss in order to protect the innocent and it featured blazing fight choreography which encompassed some pretty bad ass knife techniques and some pretty insane up close and personal action set pieces where many hordes of bad guys went down in a hail of blood.

The film has been released in the UK as well as Asia but aside from it premiering at the IDTV Action Fest last year, there still has not been a proper North American home release of the film to this day. The UK release was a solid purchase with it being a Blu-Ray/DVD Combo set with some nice packaging. You can check out the cover art for that release below.

UK Release Cover Art

This is one title that I have been dying to see and I would love to get my hands on a copy if it ever is. I feel that I will have to break down and purchase yet another region free player so I can view this films for simple pleasure or to review for my site. I have heard nothing but good things about the flick and would love to add it to my collection.

This is a huge problem that plagues releases of foreign films as sometimes it takes forever and a day to get them here and sometimes some films made here in the states are released overseas way before we ever see them. For movie buffs like me, the wait can be a real headache.

Last year, it was announced that XYZ Films had acquired Re:Born for North American release but it still hasn’t happened and here we are in July of 2019 already. I am virtually pleading with them to put it out already so we all will have a chance to partake in all the awesomeness that the film has to offer.

While we wait patiently, or impatiently for that matter, for any release details, check out some cool as Hell action from the movie as well as some images below and the UK trailer below! Release the film already!!!!

Official Synopsis: A special force unit of several members is found all dead during tactical exercise in the facility of National Defense Force. They were in the midst of exercising the irregular combat situation of one-man versus one unit named “Ghost Tactic”…

Toshiro, a small store clerk lives a quiet live with a young girl Sachi in the countryside of Ishikawa prefecture. Although his life is seemingly calm and peaceful, he sometimes struggles desperately to control his inner destructive impulse going on a rampage. One day, an enigmatic murder occurs in this small town. Later it turns out to be a warning from a mysterious man to Toshiro…

Toshiro used to belong to the special covert force best known possible, then had it destroyed with his own bear hands, leaving his former commanding officer Phantom unfinished. Now Phantom comes out of the shadow to execute the betrayer bringing along his most ruthless soldiers.

While Toshiro calmly takes care of those assassins sent out to kill him, he begins to get ready for close range combat even in the cruel way of deploying little Sachi as a decoy.

In the deepest minds of darkness and conflict, there are people who can only feel worthwhile when taking others’ lives. Based on the truth and real combat stories of professional covert assassins in your daily lives, it shows the destiny and practical battle scenes of those who chose the specific life for themselves.

UK Release Trailer
English Subbed International Trailer

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