Normally, I just talk about films and television on m y site because that keeps me busy enough but sometime, just sometimes, I branch out into other media as well and here is one of those times as Marvel is releasing a brand new one shot comic this Wednesday that features two of my most favorite anti-heroes in the Marvel Universe. That’s right folks! Blade and Wolverine are taking each other on as well as vampires in the new single issue that hits comic book stands in two days. Check out the cover art work as well as a sampling of the first few pages for the new comic simply titled Wolverine VS. Blade!

Front Cover

Marvel has release a simple synopsis for the book and it reads: “Two of the deadliest hunters ever to have stalked the night face off! Wolverine vs. Blade – ’nuff said! ” That’s all you really need to know isn’t it folks? I mean the title alone is worth the price to pay for the book.

Back Cover

The one shot book of awesomeness was written by  Marc Guggenheim and it features some pretty kick ass artwork by Dave Wilkins. Handling the lettering is Travis Lanham. The two iconic bad asses have met before in an issue of Blade that was released way back in 2007 and was also written by Guggenheim. The writer has also stated that this book has been in the making for ten years and the plot, which is minimal, takes place years ago. The events of that classic issue are also mentioned in the new book and it looks like things don’t go well for their alliance as they will ultimately fight each other as well.

The book also comes with a bonus digital edition which sounds pretty damn cool so count me in on this one!

Wolverine VS. Blade will hit your favorite comic book shop this Wednesday, July 10th so pick it up and see all the action for yourselves. While we wait, check out some of the first few pages to the epic book below! This one is going to get bloody and brutal! Now, if we could just get Wesley Snipes and Hugh Jackman to star in the film adaptation of this, that would truly be epic! One can certainly wish.

Source: Arrow In The Head

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