FOGGY MOUNTAIN: Peter Pham Kicks into Martial Arts Overdrive in HI-YAH!’s Latest Exclusive Bone Breaking Original!

Who’s in the mood for some extreme Vietnamese action cinema? Better yet, who’s in the mood to watch the highly underrated Peter Pham kick into martial arts overload and do what he does best…kick the shit out of everyone who is deserving.

Well, you’re in luck because premiering today on Well Go USA’s martial arts film streaming service HI-YAH! is the Vietnamese actioner Foggy Mountain which actually hit in Pham’s native Vietnam in 2020. You’re also in luck because we have the fisticuffs overloaded trailer for you to view below!

Official Synopsis: In order to raise money for his wife’s medical treatment, professional martial artist Phi competes in a series of increasingly brutal prize fights in nearby villages. However, after winning his final match, he runs afoul of powerful crime lord Ba Rau, who ruthlessly retaliates in a cruel attack on Phi’s wife. Blinded by grief and rage, Phi vows revenge and tracks Ba Rau across Vietnam—right into the heart of a criminal enterprise that has been terrorizing local villagers for years.

Those of you die hard fans like me might remember Pham from the exclusive HI-YAH! short film Mayhem which packed an insane amount of fight action into a very limited running time. If you don’t remember the short, well guess what? You’re in luck again because you can check out a sample of the bone breaking action footage for that one below as well! Then head on over to the site and see the full version. I’m so good to you guys.

Pham really is one insanely talented action on screen fighter and actor. His name should definitely be remembered by genre fans and he should be in more mainstream fair so more people can truly see what he’s capable of. Well, in the meantime, I’ll do my best to promote his fists and feet of fury any chance I get.

In terms of upcoming projects, Pham will also be featured in the upcoming action short Oath of Honor-Thien Co Bat Kha Lo which is currently in post. Red Cargo, which which has been kicking around for a few years also looks promising when and if it comes to fruition and it does say that a November international launch is in the cards so fingers crossed and last but not least, Pham will be featured in the Vietnam War thriller This is War. The latter is now in post as well so Lock ‘N’ Load right here as I’ll have updates available when ready!

Foggy Mountain is streaming as of today so what are you waiting for?! Subscribe and partake in what Peter Pham can do!


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