WARHORSE ONE: Well Go USA Acquires the Military Actioner from Johnny Strong & William Kaufman!

We now have an official release launch for a film that I have been following closely. We’ll Go USA has officially acquired North American rights to the Johnny Strong, William Kaufman co-directorial effort Warhorse One which sees Strong starring as a Navy SEAL trying to survive when a mission goes awry. Ti add to the difficulty factor of navigating the rough Afghanistan terrain and ruthless enemy soldiers, Strong must also protect a young girl as well.

“Warhorse One follows a desperate civilian rescue attempt set in motion shortly after the 2021 withdrawal of the United States military from Afghanistan. After a SEAL team helicopter is downed en route to the rendezvous point, the lone surviving operator must evade hostile insurgents and navigate treacherous terrain while guiding his one remaining charge — a traumatized young girl — to safety.”


The film also stars newcomer Athena Durner and Raj Kala (Black Adam).

In a world of superhero movies, some heroes are real. As you can see by the above tease, Strong is up against a rock and a hard place but thankfully that’s where he excels so the odds are probably just about even. Plus it looks like Strong is playing the role of savior to a little girl while taking aim at the bad guys that are closing in on the lone wolf. In one of the earlier teasers, the girl proclaims, “I hope the bad guys don’t get us,” to which Strong answers “they won’t.”

Kaufman is one of those filmmakers that knows how to make a lot with little and his way of shooting action and firefights is unrivaled in the game of action cinema. He and Strong have had a fruitful relationship throughout the years working together on such action classics as Sinners and Saints and the apocalyptic actioner Daylight’s End.

Expect a trailer and new key art to drop soon but on the meantime, check out the past promos for the movie while we wait!

Well Go USA plans to launch the film this summer in select North American theaters on June 30th. Lock ‘N’ Load right here for more to follow as we are your destination for everything action!!!

Source: Deadline


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