THE GUNS OF CHRISTMAS PAST: Liev Schreiber In Talks to Headline Xavier Gens Helmed Off the Wall Holiday Themed Action-Thriller!

It looks like the holiday themed action movie is becoming a popular thing these days. With the release of last year’s Violent Night, John Woo’s upcoming Silent Night and so on, it appears that ultra-violent Christmas flicks are sheik again.

It looks like we have another one to add to the list and this one I just found out about as I head off to sleep. Liev Schreiber is in active negotiations to Star in…wait for it…The Guns of Christmas Past! That’s right boys and girls! We have another play on a Yuletide classic and this one sounds even stranger than…well…David Harbour playing Old Saint Nick who takes down a group of mercenaries in rather violent fashion. You won’t believe the plot for this one so I’ll just leave it below!

In the genre mash-up, described to us as “A Christmas Carol meets John Wick“, Ebb is a former hitman for the mob, brought out from hiding when his former best friend and partner is killed. Ebb penetrates the compound of his enemy to exact revenge but the ghosts of past, present and future all arrive to thwart his plans.

Saaaaay Whaaaaaaaat? I told you it sounded completely bat shit crazy but color me intrigued so I cannot wait to finally see first look footage of Schreiber talking to The Trinity of Ghosts while putting holes in the bad guys. Let’s hope that the ghosts don’t succeed in stopping him because then what would be the point of making this an action movie?

Xavier Gens (Gangs Of London) is set to helm the pic which will see XYZ Films shop it at the Cannes Film Market. Andrew Hilton penned the script and it is being produced by Navid McIlhargey and Erik Olsen. XYZ Films will also produce as well as finance. There is no definite date but it’s said that the film is due to go into production later this year.

Who says that there are no original ideas in Hollywood anymore. I mean come on! John Wick meets A Christmas Carol?! I would have loved to have been in the room when this one was pitched. Something tells me that when this one comes out, it’ll take the place of Violent Night as my new favorite Christmas action movie but I’m probably getting ahead of myself. I tend to do that. Only time will tell…🤷‍♂️.

I am excited to work with Liev and XYZ Films and bring a modern design style to this unique and original script. I hope to follow in the tradition of classic holiday action movies like Die Hard, and create a really fun film that audiences will come back to year after year,” stated Xavier Gens.

Well you know what to do…Lock ‘N’ Load right here because you know you’re going to want more details on this one as we are your destination for everything action and violent, bullet filled Christmas movies!!!

Source: Deadline


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