It’s All About Bullet Filled Payback in the Official Trailer for Shogun Films’ Revenge Actioner RENEGADES!

The new indie action production company Shogun Films has just dropped an action drenched trailer and key art for their upcoming revenge thriller Renegades. The film, which boasts a sensational cast including Nick Moran (Lock, Stock & 2 Smoking Barrels), Lee Majors (The Fall Guy) and Danny Trejo (Machete), tells the adrenaline pumping story of ex-special forces soldiers breaking into action when one of their own is viciously killed. It’s all for one with a hail of bullets in this one.

Check out the sensational first look footage in the new trailer below!

Official Synopsis:

Renegades sees Carver, an ex-green beret (Majors, star of The Six Million Dollar Man and The Fall Guy), murdered by an international drug gang, led by the fearsome Goram (played by My Big Fat Greek Wedding’s Louis Mandylor). The killing sends Carver’s old special forces comrades Peck (Return of the Saint’s Ian Ogilvy), Woody (The Bill’s Billy Murray) and Harris (The Full Monty’s Paul Barber) on a mission of revenge, while they also seek to protect Carver’s daughter Judy (Patsy Kensit). Aided by the enigmatic Sanchez (Trejo), they must stay one step ahead of determined Scotland Yard Detective Moore (Jeanine Nerissa Sothcott) and stop Goram’s gang from overrunning the city.

Veteran action maestro Daniel Zirilli (Invincible) helms the movie which also stars genre favorite Louis Mandylor (Debt Collectors) along with Patsy Kensit (Lethal Weapon 2), Ian Ogilvy (We Still Kill The Old Way), Billy Murray (Rise of the Footsoldier), Paul Barber (The Full Monty), Jeanine Nerissa Sothcott (Nemesis), Michael Paré (Streets of Fire), Stephanie Beacham (Dynasty), Michael Brandon (Dempsey & Makepeace) and, in one of his last appearances, Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister (The Fifth Element).

From watching the new promo, this is the kind of down and gritty indie action cinema that’s right in my wheelhouse. Renegades oozes an 80’s throwback vibe that is lacking in today’s action film offerings. The cast is top tier and this one should please fans looking for a rousing and violent revenge thriller to watch on a Saturday night.

RENEGADES, available in select theaters December 2 from Saban Films. Starring Nick Moran, Lee Majors. Ian Ogilvy, with Louis Mandylor and Danny Trejo, the film will also be available on demand and digital December 6.

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