Revenge is On the Way as New Key Art Erupts for the Action Pic HOUNDS OF WAR Starring Frank Grillo!

Happy Labor Day everyone! It’s been slow and I’ve been on the sidelines a bit this last month but I’m slowly getting back into the groove of things. Today we have some rad new key art to share with you and it comes courtesy of the upcoming action flick Hounds of War which stars Frank Grillo, Rhona Mitra and the iconic Robert Patrick.

Grillo is tacked up and locked and loaded on the new one sheet so check it out below!

Official Synopsis: The film will star Grillo as the leader of “a group of mercenaries who take on jobs that are considered impossible. After a mission goes wrong due to a shocking betrayal, only one of them is left alive to avenge his fallen brothers.”

This movie sounds tailor made for Grillo and it’s right in my wheelhouse. The movie also stars martial arts action star Mark Strange (Ip Man 4, Redcon-1) who is playing Santiago, one of the members of Grillo’s elite team of hounds. We have some info on Mitra’s character as her name will be Caterina Murino. Cast additions also include Nicky Whelan.

The movie is helmed by genre favorite Isaac Florentine who is best known for his martial arts infused epics like the Undisputed films with Scott Adkins but he’s no stranger to fire fights on screen. Florentine has a distinct visual flair when it comes to set pieces so this one should deliver at least in the adrenaline department. Personally, they had me at Grillo and Hounds of War. I’ll be there on day one.

Keep it locked and loaded right here for more to come on Hounds of War as we are your destination for everything action in 2022 and beyond!

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