The Action Fix: “Get to Da Birthday Cake!” Happy Birthday Arnold Schwarzenegger!

I totally forgot how busy the last week of July was for action star birthdays. We’ve had The Stath, Donnie Yen and now we close out the month with arguably the biggest action star on the planet…Arnold Schwarzenegger.

I always enjoy sharing my favorite clips from movies to help celebrate that special day and today, for Arnie’s 75th, I’ve chosen an ensemble piece as even though it’s not Arnie drilling bad guys the whole time, it’s still one of his best action sequences ever put on celluloid. Add in Ventura, Landham and Weathers causing just as much damage and …well… it’s just icing on the birthday cake.

One of my favorite, all-time scenes of Arnold’s has shears been the assault on the guerrilla compound from the first Predator. For 1987, this firefight has some of the best pyrotechnics, blood squibs, endless rounds of ammo spent and some of the best camera angles ever to showcase a scene of death and destruction. The sound effects and visuals and the whole thing still stand up even today with all the enhancements in cinema and this is a classic example of that old school is the way to go with practical effects and good old fashioned stunt work. Check it out below!

With all that body count now witnessed, we say “Stick Around!” Arnie and here’s too many more birthdays and “Get to Da Birthday Cake!”

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