The Action Fix Live: REVIEW- DEAD ZONE with Michael Jai White & Chad Michael Collins Mashes Up Action, Sci-Fi and Horror for an 82 Minute Good Time!

The Action Fix Live returns with our exclusive review of Dead Zone which just dropped on TUBI today! Starring Michael Jai White and Chad Michael Collins, the TUBI exclusive original tells the story of an elite team of soldiers who must go on a do or die mission to help spread a virus that turns innocents into ravenous creatures. It’s action, horror and sci-fi all rolled into one!

Check out the latest episode of The Action Fix Live as I delve into the movie that is tailor made for a Saturday night viewing as it is literally 82 minutes of military style combat action combined with a horror tinge reminiscent of Resident Evil! From its can’t fail action stars to its non-stop mayhem and carnage, this is one that delivers what it promises!

The plot follows an elite team of soldiers who, to stop the collapse of humanity, descend on a radiation-poisoned town and perform the ultimate stealth mission using high-tech armor and weapons. But they need to be careful – with hell on Earth, they may just meet the devil. Chad Michael Collins, Jeff Fahey, and Antuone Torbert also star in the film.

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