The Action Fix Live Goes Tactical as We Talk EXPENDABLES 4 & More!

By: John M Jerva

One of the most anticipated action films waiting to see a release date as well as any first look footage is the Expendables 4. The fourth installment is shrouded in secrecy as there is no official plot and no trailer to speak of at the time of this writing. The film, helmed by Act of Valor’s Scott Waugh, completed principal photography last October but alas we wait for any and all news and footage.

We do know that Sylvester Stallone will only have a small role this time as he has officially passed the torch to fellow co-star and comrade Jason Statham as the franchise will rest squarely on his shoulders from now on. We also know that international action star Iko Uwais is the baddie and that Tony Jaa will also be featured in a still undisclosed role.

In this all-new episode of The Action Fix Live on the official YouTube channel, I talk about mt expectations for the fourth film and what I hope will happen. I, of course, also talk about the other films in the franchise and serve up some insight as to why this is one of my favorite action franchises.

It’s time to jock up and lock and load as we go to war with The Expendables exclusively on the Action Fix Live! Link below!!!

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