The French Actioner HOME-SITTERS is Now Available on Amazon and All Digital Platforms!

By: John M Jerva

A team of mercenaries out to retrieve a priceless artifact have met their match in the home sitter hired to watch the house. That’s right! This lady is ready to kick some merc ass and the whole mansion is about to become a battleground in director Chris Rakotomamonjy’s French actioner titled appropriately enough Home-Sitters. The film is now available on all digital platforms as of now including Amazon and we have your first look of the key art, images and trailer!

No-holds-barred French actioner HOME-SITTERS has been released in North America on Amazon and other digital platforms.

Starring, Chloé Guillot and directed by Chris Rakotomamonjy, HOME-SITTERS tells of a young broke woman that is hired as a house-sitter for a mansion in the middle of huge gardens. This assignment looks like a dream job until mercenaries try to break in to get a mysterious object in the house, that turns out to be a real fortress.

Featuring choreography from veteran fight choreographer Jorge Lorca (The Cursed, From Paris With Love), HOME-SITTERS is brimming with brutal fight sequences and explosive action. 2022 starts with a bang!

There’s plenty of CGI blood and muzzle flashes in this one and the trailer serves of a rather haunting vibe with the selected song playing throughout. Actress Chloé Guillot looks quite capable in the heroic lead role which leads me to speculate that she has a secret past and is probably ex something or other.

I must admit that I haven’t seen anything on House-Sitters before I got the email from the PR people yesterday, so I’ll definitely be checking this one out for future opinions. It definitely reminded of the recent action-thriller that hit a few weeks back called The Gardener with Robert Bronzi and Gary Daniels. The plots are similar except for this one being female centric which I’m totally fine with seeing that Ms. Guillot looks all jocked up and ready to go tactical.

Watch the new trailer below and if it’s up your alley then by all means, check it out on any of the major Digital platforms!



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