88 Films Set to Unleash the Mark Dacascos Led High-Octane Martial Arts Actioner DRIVE on 4K!

By: John M Jerva

One of these days, when I have the funds, I’m really going to have to invest in a region free Blu-Ray player. Many classic and recent action films seem to get the better treatment overseas and I’ll never understand why North American distributors suck so bad at releasing movies or not at all for that matter.

Case in point, we have the official announcement from 88 Films that the Mark Dacascos led high/octane buddy sci-fi martial arts actioner Drive is set to get the 4K treatment overseas. Highly regarded as one of the best martial arts action films ever to come out of the west (you’ll get no argument from me), Drive boasts some of the most jaw dropping fight sequences ever put to film and Dacascos is definitely en fuego here in one of his best films in his film arsenal.

Check out the official box cover with new artwork below!


DRIVE (1997) 4K Ultra HD (Also arriving on Blu-ray)


Starring Marc Dacascos (CRYING FREEMAN, JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 3 – PARABELLUM) and Kadeem Hardison (I’M GONNA GIT YOU SUCKA, VAMPIRE IN BROOKLYN) This fast and furious action flick combines the superhero film with the cop buddy movie in a high-octane chase feature populated with explosive Shaw Brothers style martial arts set pieces in a bombastically entertaining slice of nineties fun.

When special agent Toby Wong (Dacascos) is fitted with an advanced bio device giving him superhuman powers he fears that he and the new technology will be exploited for ill gain when the Chinese government takes back control of Hong Kong. Fleeing to San Francisco he plans to sell the device to a company in Los Angeles but when he teams up with down on his luck singer Malik (Hardison) he finds himself being pursued by ruthless assassin Madison and his band of mercenaries.

As a sort of mash-up of ROBOCOP, IRON MAN and LETHAL WEAPON with added Kung Fu, this unashamed hybrid genre piece will keep you hooked with its thrill a minute pace and fabulous science fiction premise.

Special features are pending on this version of the movie but you can bet there will be some pretty worthy extras as 88 Films always gives the fans what they want.

I’ll always remember when I first saw Drive as it was an HBO World Premiere back in the day and this movie from director Steve Wang is definitely a keeper for any serious martial arts action enthusiast. Dacascos is without a doubt in his element here and his banter with Kadeem Hardison gives it a Lethal Weapon vibe to it even though neither one of their characters are cops.

The action set pieces, staged by veteran industry maestro Koichi Sakamoto is top tier and it has a distinct Hong Kong action sheen to it. Many of the stuntman involved are all well known in the genre including J.J. Perry, Akihiro Noguchi, Erik Betts and Roger Yuan. The finale alone where Dacascos takes on Masaya Katô is worth the price of admission all by itself. Part fight film, part sci-fi, part buddy comedy, part road trip flick, this one really has it all plus John Pyper-Ferguson literally steals the show as an agent who is hot on our duo’s trail. The fighting is extreme and gravity defying and makes this one a true classic in action cinema.

The special edition 4K of Drive is set to hit in June. Pre-orders are coming soon!

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