GASOLINE ALLEY: Devon Sawa Gets Dirty in the Trailer for the New Action-Thriller Featuring Luke Wilson & Bruce Willis

By: John M Jerva

It’s no secret that myself, like everyone else, has had his share of problems with Bruce Willis’s film output in recent years. Aside from Deadlock, every current Willis DTV actioner has been abysmal to say the least.

Looks like I might enjoy Bruce’s next offering and it’s not because of the former Hollywood A lister though but Devon Sawa who also stars. The film is called Gasoline Alley and it features Sawa as an ex-con who goes on the warpath when he’s framed for murder.

Also starring Luke Wilson who plays a detective along with Willis, Saban Films has launched a new trailer and key art for the flick which hits theaters and VOD next month.

Bruce Willis, Luke Wilson and Devon Sawa star in the chilling story of a savage Hollywood murder set in present day Los Angeles. Jimmy Jayne (Sawa), a reformed ex-con, is the prime suspect who will stop at nothing to prove his innocence. Homicide detectives Freeman (Willis) and Vargas (Wilson) are close on his tail as Jimmy takes on his own investigation, risking his life in the dark underbelly of L.A.

Helmed by Edward Drake, who also directed Willis in the horrible films Apex and American Siege, Gasoline Alley also stars Kat Foster, Sufe Bradshaw, Johnny Dowers, Kenny Wormald, Rick Salomon, Steve Eastin, and Tracey “The Doc” Curry.

Even though the aforementioned Edward Drake films were bottom of the barrel, and that’s putting it lightly, I’m still eager to check this one out as Sawa is a favorite actor of mine and he looks solid. Plus I interviewed him for Escape Plan: The Extractors and he was one cool guy to chat with so he always will get promotion from me. If your inclined check out my interview with him here.

It also bodes well that at the end of the trailer, it shows Willis rocking a machine gun so here’s hoping he does more than just look bored in this one.

Gasoline Alley hits theaters, Digital, and VOD on February 25, 2022!

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