OBSCURA: It’s THE MUMMY Meets PREDATOR in the Upcoming Action-Horror Pic!

By: John M Jerva

Some very bad men are about to run into something even badder in the new action-horror film OBSCURA. New key art and trailer has dropped for the upcoming flick which sees a spec ops team forced to unite with a biker gang when an ancient evil is unearthed. Think The Mummy mixed with Predator and this definitely looks like an indie good time for genre fans!

A CIA special operations team out on demolition maneuvers is interrupted by the appearance of an outlaw biker gang. Both groups are interrupted by an unknown creature and must band together for revenge and survival..

I was immediately drawn to this film when I spotted it on social media as it hails from from filmmakers and directors Joe Lujan, best known for the The Immortal Wars films, and Jerry G. Angelo who put out the exceptional American Warfighter a few years back. Also sitting in the director’s chair is Grant Jones with Angelo penning the script along with Lachlan Jones.

The cast is pretty solid as it also stars Angelo along with veteran genre baddie Robert LaSardo (Hard to Kill, Attack of the Unknown) who has pretty much played the worst villains in any movie over the last 30 years. Additional cast members include Aubrey Trujillo, Tyler Gallant, Jonathan Camp, Mario Daggett, David Robbins, Zach Touchon, Adam Dorsey, Chris Moss, David Bianchi, Danielle Reierson, Chris Kalhoon, Ricky Sanchez, Ian Lauer, Lindsey Cruz and Corey Taylor.

The initial trailer which dropped a few days back is loaded with some pretty decent visuals, a really menacing and forbidding antagonist and some glimpses of the extreme action that is in store for audiences. I love it when genres mash together and this one looks like it’ll be essential Saturday night viewing.

The film is said to be the darkest chapter of the Ravage Reign Universe which includes The Immortal Wars and it sounds pretty bad ass and it’s got my interest so check out the teaser trailer below and keep an eye out for this one as it’ll be hitting next year.

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