OVERRUN: Uncorked Entertainment Unleashes the Stunt Filled Action-Thriller on DVD in November

By: John M Jerva

The recent action flick Overrun continued a successful trend of seeing a stunt pro turned filmmaker take the reigns of another stunt induced thriller. The movie which also stars another stunt professional in Omid Zader (3 Days to Kill, The Matrix Resurrections) is ready to hit DVD in November from Uncorked Entertainment and we have the cover art, trailer and synopsis for you to indulge in below!

A former extraction specialist Marcus Lombardi (Omid Zader) jumps into a life of crime, when his sister is revealed as an informant on underworld kingpin Ray Barren (Robert Miano). Marcus agrees to do an impossible job for Ray to clear his and his sister’s name. Marcus is put on a collision course with Russian mobsters, dirty cops, and plenty of assassins that want to make his job even harder than it already is.

Overrun boasts a pretty impressive cast joining Zader in the lines of Johnny Messner (Tears of the Sun), Bruce Dern (The Hateful Eight), Robert Miano (Donnie Brasco) and William Katt (The Greatest American Hero, White Ghost).

Josh Tessier (Tekken, 300: Rise of an Empire) who is another stunt man who cut his teeth in the industry helms the pic which features Zader doing some impressive running and gunning along with some CQB action to go along with the proceedings.

The DVD hits on November 23rd and it does come locked and loaded with some cool special features including:

Theatrical Trailer

Behind the scenes

Deleted scenes

Extended scenes

Storyboard comparisons

Along with more!

Check out the trailer below and you can pre-order the DVD now at Amazon.com.