Update: MMA Hall of Famer Michael Bisping & Olivia Popika Center the Octagon in the Official Trailer for NEVER BACK DOWN: REVOLT

By: John M Jerva

Update: Sony Home Entertainment has issued a new bone cracking trailer for the newest entry in the MMA Franchise Never Back Down. Aptly titled Never Back Down: Revolt, this one goes for a female centric twist as Olivia Popika takes on UFC hall of famer Michael Bisping.

A DVD and release date has also been announced for November 16th so in the meantime, check out the fight action in the newest Octagon centered MMA action-thriller below!

Bisping is an MMA icon and looks perfect in the antagonistic role and always brings some massive power to his fight scenes and Popika looks sensational in the combat sequences. Director Kellie Madison looks like she’s crafted a decent looking underground fight flick with some pretty brutal bouts to satisfy fans of these films.

Official Blu-Ray Cover Art for the November 16th Release

(Original Post) A fourth installment of the popular MMA franchise Never Back Down is ready to center the ring as new key art has debuted for the entry which was helmed by Kellie Madison. Although Michael Jai White was involved in the second and third films, he’s unfortunately absent this time around. Former MMA bad boy Michael Bisping (Warrior, Triple Threat) stars in this one along with Olivia Popica (Retribution).

The key art, which is a little underwhelming if you ask me, comes to us from the latest installment which is called Never Back Down: Revolt and you can view it directly below.

Official Synopsis Per Deadline: Never Back Down: Revolt centers on a woman (Olivia Popica, Informer, Retribution) who is kidnapped and forced to compete in elite underground fights and has to battle her way out to freedom. Michael Bisping (Den of Thieves) and Brooke Johnston (Hurricane Heist) star as the antagonists who run the fight trafficking ring. Diana Hoyos (2020 Best Actress winner in Colombia for Enfermeras), Neetu Chandra (The Good Maharaja, Shooter) and James Faulkner (Atomic Blonde, Paul Apostle of Christ) round out the supporting cast.

Madison is best known for directing the action packed fight film The Gate which stars martial arts star Amy Johnston (Lady Bloodfight, Accident Man). It’s a short film but locked and loaded with amazing fight action and choreography courtesy of Johnston and co-star Cecep Arif Rahman (John Wick: Chapter 3). Check out the full short below and see what Madison is capable of.

This does bode well as Madison is an accomplished indie filmmaker and really has an eye for action and combat on screen. The plot is a familiar one in this type of movie but if the Beatdown sequences hold up then this one could satisfy genre fans looking for their next in ring fix.

Release info is pending from Sony Entertainment so check back here for more updates and trailer news.

Original Source: Deadline

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