BLACK WARRANT: Cam Gigandet is Poised for Action in New Key Art for the Upcoming Actioner also Starring Tom Berenger!

By: John M Jerva

In the realm of action cinema, I feel that Cam Gigandet is a rather underrated talent. The actor has appeared in some decent indie action fare like Black Site Delta, SEAL Team Six: The Hunt for Osama Bin Laden and, of course, Never Back Down. He’s usually solid in action fare and above all, sells it in action sequences and isn’t afraid to get physical and do some good ‘ol practical stunts.

Well he’s back and ready for action on a new black ops thriller titled Black Warrant which also stars some action heavyweight talent in Tom “Sniper” Berenger, and Jeff “Operation Delta Force” Fahey. Not bad back up at all.

Peek at the new key art and synopsis below!

A semi-retired special ops assassin and a DEA agent cross paths on separate missions to stop a cyber terrorist organization that has built a dangerous machine threatening to attack the power grid and bring catastrophe to the world.

Helmed by Tibor Takács, who is no stranger to action having helmed some punishing DTV action films like Sanctuary and Sabotage with Mark Dacascos and Bad Blood with Lorenzo Lamas. Add in the fact that action maestro Daniel Zirilli (Invincible, Acceleration and Hollow Point) is one of the producers on the film and this one is locked and loaded for a bullet riddled good time.

Joshua A. Cohen, D. Glase Lomond and Javier Reyna co-wrote the script from a story by none other than Michael Paré himself.

Gigandet will also be seen next year in Blowback, another action-thriller which was also helmed by Takács. That flick stars former MMA champ and Expendables star Randy Couture.

The movie is currently in post production so hopefully we’ll get some footage soon so keep it locked and loaded right here for more to follow!

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