The Critically Acclaimed Boxing Film IN FULL BLOOM Hits UK DVD & Digital October 4th!

By: John M Jerva

Dazzler Media in the UK is ready to release the period epic boxing flick In Full Bloom which should feel the hole for those genre fans longing for more in ring boxing films. Add in political tension and taut drama and this one has the makings of being more than just a punch fest. Check out the key art and trailer below!

Dazzler Media presents In Full Bloom on DVD & Digital Download from 4th October

Synopsis: Set in post-World War II Tokyo, undefeated Japanese boxing champion Masahiro (Yusuke Ogasawara) trains in the winter wilderness for his upcoming battle against American challenger Clint Sullivan (Tyler Wood). Sullivan, who’s haunted by memories of his time in the war, must overcome the Yakuza’s warrior-like influence to prepare for the showdown.

In Full Bloom explores the themes of political tension and the fighters’ parallel journeys as they test the very limits of human spirit against the backdrop of corruption, painful memories and the magnitude of defending their home countries. Written and directed by Reza Ghassemi and Adam VillaSenor, In Full Bloomis a beautifully crafted, atmospheric and visually striking tale of courage.

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