The Action Elite War Room Live: Discussing SHOWDOWN and Other Billy Blanks Flicks

By: John M Jerva

Another great episode of The Action Elite War Room Live took place last night as we delved into the glory days of DTV VHS action movies and most notably Showdown and other great martial arts action flicks starring the powerhouse Billy Blanks.

Blanks, before he became the guru of Tae Bo, was one of the kings of martial arts action films and even though Showdown was a direct rip-off of The Karate Kid, it still was in many ways superior to that classic. Stars Ken Scott, Ken McCleod and the always game Patrick Kilpatrick brought their preverbal A game in a film that was grittier and darker with some spot on fight sequences featuring Blanks doing all his signature moves.

We also discussed Blanks’ other films like King of the Kickboxers, TC 2000, Expect No Mercy, Back in Action and Tough and Deadly. Of course, we go off course as usual but we still reel it back in to Mr. Blanks. It was sort of unfortunate that Billy founded Tae Bo as that shortened his martial arts film career but the ones he did will live on in action fans’ hearts everywhere. We also delve into how wonderfully shot fight sequences were back then as opposed to a lot of the shaky cam syndrome you see today.

I also chatted about TC 2000 a few months back in my Action Rewind so check it out by clicking here and hear my rapid fire thoughts on this cult classic that features enough fight action to satisfy even the most jaded of viewer.

Watch the full episode below!

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