The Action Elite Live: The War Room- Discussing the Classic 1980’s Sci-Fi Spectacle FLASH GORDON!

After a few weeks off due to illness and disorders, I made my return to The Action Elite Live War Room last night and there is no other movie better to return to then 1980’s Flash Gordon. Never has a movie been such a train wreck during filming and release to go on to become a classic amongst genre fans.

The casual viewer will dismiss this one as poor cinema but for those of us who understand what it’s all about, Flash Gordon will always be an immeasurable classic full of lush visuals, good vs evil, insane dialogue, a rousing soundtrack by Queen and cheesy acting. Those are all good things by the way and on this latest episode of The War Room, we tackle this beloved film as well as go off on other tangents like we always do. Check it out below! “FLASH! Ahhhhh-Ahhhhh!”

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