By: John M Jerva

I was going to do a video review of Snake Eyes finally tonight but that was put on the back burner as my partner in crime Eoin Friel from The Action Elite invited me to do a special YouTube War Room show on F9 and the Fast and Furious saga which dammit I enjoy the hell out of. I take a lot of abuse for liking these movies and I feel that this franchise is fun as hell and is why you go to the movies in the first place. They’re ridiculous, over the top, ludicrous and downright awesome.

Eoin and I talk about the latest entry as well as the franchise but of course we go off on tangents like always and we even talk about long movies and having to go to the bathroom halfway through them. No worries though, we always get back on track and we give our reasons why we enjoy these types of films.

I never did a proper review of F9 so it was great to give my thoughts on the newest installment of the blockbuster franchise. I think I’m going to do more video reviews in the future as I’m getting tired of writing so be on the lookout for more and yes Snake Eyes is coming…no worries! Thanks Eoin as always as this was a blast!

So strap in, turn on your NOS and enjoy the ride as we chat up F9 and more!

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