THE ACTION FIX: Happy Birthday to the Original Martial Law of the 90’s DTV Action Explosion…Jeff Wincott!

By: John M Jerva

Happy weekend everyone! Today is May 8th and with that we have to say a very special happy birthday to the original Martial Law himself…Jeff Wincott! When you talk about 90’s DTV action pics, you certainly have to talk about Wincott as he was a staple in the genre for that decade.

Wincott, a Canadian born thespian who is a legit martial arts badass having studied such disciplines as Tae Kwon Do and Kenpo, starred in a host of adrenaline pumping action and martial arts action films with the Martial Law series being his best. Wincott was a one man wrecking crew with a badge and even though he carried a gun, and used it on occasion, he really didn’t need it as his body was a registered lethal weapon.

Wincott started his Martial Law run when he took over for Chad McQueen for the bone smashing 1992 epic Martial Law 2: Undercover which also featured the Lady Dragon herself Cynthia Rothrock. Wincott would go on to star in two more features including Mission Of Justice and Martial Outlaw.

As we celebrate Jeff’s special day, we have a ceremonial Action Fix featuring Martial Law doing what he does best.

The clip below, courtesy of Draven on YouTube, is a compilation of Wincott’s finest moments including the Martial Law series as well as other films like Deadly Bet, The Killing Man, No Exit and Open Fire. I couldn’t settle on just one so I said hey why not include a bevy of fight sequences. This video is a high-octane trip down memory lane when video stores ruled and Tuesday’s were New Release day unleashing one action classic after another on the shelves.

Wincott is still going strong and acting as well as filmmaking but he will always best be remembered for being one of the kings of the 90’s DTV action explosion.

Happy Birthday Jeff from!!!

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