EXCLUSIVE: Enter the Lady Samurai- A Conversation with ATOMIC EDEN Star Hazuki Kato!

By: John M Jerva

Women in action cinema have been well represented over the years with such femme fatales as Cynthia Rothrock and most recently Gal Gadot and Charlize Theron taking on the badest of the bad action cinema has to offer and now even more so as female centric action films are in demand featuring ladies who can kick ass and keep up with the men and even surpass them when it vomes time to throwdown. One such star is Hazuki Kato who features in the rousing 80’s throwback B action epic Atomic Eden which hails from East German filmmaker Nico Sentner. Kato is no stranger to the spotlight as she is much more than just an actress. Kato is also a professional model for fashion shows, magazines, music videos, and commercials. You can now add rising action star to the list as Kato is taking on Hollywood by storm.

Filmed a few years back, Atomic Eden is literally taking the world by storm as it rolls out on streaming services worldwide as well as DVD. The film is pute guilty pleasure action cinema at its finest and Kato stars in the movie as badass Samurai vixen Reiko, a female Samurai who is part of an elite unit of mercenaries on a deadly suicide mission to retrieve a weapon of mass destruction before it falls into the wrong hands. Starring alongside action icon Fred “The Hammer” Williamson and martial arts phenom Mike Moller. Kato plays just as rough as the boys and is featured heavily in the film’s numerous action set pieces.

In this exclusive interview with Action-Flix, Hazuki chats about the film, her lethal character Reiko, making the action sequences as well as working with some heavy duty tough action guys. Check it out below because the Lady Samurai has arrived!

1) Before we talk about Atomic Eden, tell us what prompted you to seek a career in acting? You’ve done so much and was it something you always wanted to do? 

I was born and raised in Japan, but my mother was an English teacher and she always encouraged me to watch American movies to study English from a young age. My dream was to become part of the Hollywood film industry. I initially thought of becoming a behind the camera film crew. Not an actress. It was too surreal for me to imagine that someone from a small town in Japan would actually be able to become an actress in Hollywood.

2) As a martial artist myself, talk about your path that led you to train in the arts. You’ve done numerous disciplines. Is there a favorite?

Muay Thai is my favorite martial art in terms of physical training.

Japanese sword fighting and Jeet Kune Do are my favorite with regards to mental training. I started Karate when I was 10 years old in Japan. I took a break for a couple years and came back to train again when I started acting in the US. Martial Arts has always been a big part of my life.

3) Atomic Eden is getting new life in the U.S. Tell us how you got involved with the project.

I worked with Nico Sentner on a horror film called “Sin Reaper” before “Atomic Eden.” We were chatting on set and I mentioned to him that I had been training Martial Arts for years, and that’s when he told me about this project and offered me the part. I was really excited and grateful for this opportunity and it was perfect timing!

4) You play the bad ass role of Reiko the Samurai. Tell us about her. Did you mold her after yourself or is she a totally different interpretation to how you really are?

She is very similar to me, but when we were filming a few years ago, I was not as disciplined as Reiko. But now, years later, I think I have become more like her. I’m much more mature and wiser! 

5) You worked with such great actors as Mike Moller, and the great Fred Williamson. Tell us how it was to be on set with them. Any cool anecdotes?

I was very fortunate to do many scenes with them! I was honored to be able to work with such talented, experienced, open hearted, amazing actors. Fred Williamson has a long professional career as an actor, and during the filming of “Atomic Eden”, I was still new to the movie set and was very nervous but he gave me lots of amazing advice! Mike Möller is an amazing action star and I wish I could do all his cool moves! Filming action scenes with him was incredible and I’ve learned a lot from him on how to do on camera fight scene

6) You get in on a lot of the action and stunts. How was it to perform such exhilarating scenes. What were some of the challenges? Is there a favorite scene you have?

 wanted to do all the action scenes myself without a stunt double. My body got sore after shooting all the fight scenes but I really enjoyed it and it was really cool to shoot guns during my action scenes. Those were my favorite scenes!

7) Talk about working with director Nico Sentner. How was he to work with. He’s also an actor so did that help with the environment?

Nico is great! He was very welcoming especially as we were filming in a different country (Germany). He introduced us to EastGerman culture and gave everyone the opportunity to hang out and spend time with each other. This was very effective in creating chemistry between the actors and crew and I believe he understood this as he was an actor himself. I was able to perform in a warm, trustful and comfortable environment because of this.

8) Talk about training for the film. What did you focus on and did it differ from what you normally do off a project?

I’ve been training Martial Arts for years, but I’ve never held a gun or performed fight scenes with a gun, so it was very cool to learn how to use a gun during fight scenes.

9) Talk about the state of women in action films. Tough women like you have always been a big part of the industry but with the recent success of bigger budgeted projects, do you feel it’s going in the right direction?

I’ve always been a huge fan of female action movies! I love big budgeted studio films like “Wonder Woman”. It’s entertaining, fun, and gives me motivation to become a strong woman! I think it’s going towards the right direction.

10) Talk about the future. Are there any exciting projects you can talk to us about?

I’ll be playing the character “Tarren Kh’an” in “Garrison 7,” by Gena8studios.

This is a sci-fi trilogy that will be shot in Australia, and I’m really excited to play this character as she is a total badass!

11) Finally, how has it been working during the pandemic? Talk about life on a set and what challenges have you faced?

Actually, last year felt like a break from my career focused life. Although I kept up my workout routine, took some acting classes, and read lots of books, I spent 1/3 of the year at home in Japan and I hadn’t spent that much time at home since high school. I focused on my perspective on life, my priorities, my familyand less on my career. It was a very healing, meaningful, and necessary time in my life.

Now that I’m all recharged, I’m ready to focus on my acting career again!

A special thanks goes out to Hazuki for an amzing interview and taking the time to talk to us!

You can watch Atomic Eden on any of the streaming services in the U.S. below!

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Tubi TV: https://tubitv.com/movies/509867/atomic_eden

ATOMIC EDEN is also available on COMCAST, xfinity and INDEMAND

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