Scream Factory Readies a Special Edition Blu-Ray Release for BROTHERHOOD OF THE WOLF with Dacascos!

By: John M Jerva

If you’re like me, then you probably consider Director Christophe Gans’ atmospheric and action packed film Brotherhood of the Wolf to be a fine addition to action legend Mark Dacascos’ filmography. After all, even though Dacascos is a co-star, he still gets ample opportunity to showcase his insane martial arts skills on more than one occasion in the movie. Throw in a mysterious supernatural element and a mythic beast roaming the countryside preying on helpless villagers and this one makes for a bloody, bone crunching good time.

I’ve owned the special edition DVD ever since it came out all those years ago but I might have to upgrade as Scream Factory has announced a special version of the film on Blu-Ray. Check out the key art and specs below!


“An action-packed extravaganza with kick-butt martial arts and spooky thrills!” – USA Today

When a mysterious beast ravages the countryside, two unlikely heroes are called in to fight the evil. And now, their battle against dark, unspeakable terror is even more gripping with a daring extended version of the film that showcases more of the breathtaking martial arts action and over four hours of in-depth bonus features. The incredible hit that took audiences and critics alike on “a wild ride” (Premiere) is back with more chilling adventure that’s sure to have pulses racing all over again!

To make this purchase even sweeter, Scream Factory is including some great special features including an extended version of the film that will include even more bone cracking martial arts action and up to four hours of additional bonus content. Up till now, the DVD only included deleted and extended scenes so it looks like a new cut will add more snd hopefully, Dacascos’ first fight will be the longer take because that version is so much better than the original.

All the extras will be announced at a later date but if you pre-order now from the official site, you’ll get a collector’s edition limited poster while supplies last!

I’m still not a fan of Dacascos taking a back seat to lead Samuel Le Bihan and I always felt he should have been included in the rousing finale but fans of his will still get their fill from the icon. Fate aside, Dacascos turns in a great performance and doesn’t even speak a word.

You can pre-order the Blu-Ray now at Scream Factory so click on the link below! The product is due to hit the shelves on July 27th!


To wet your appetite, watch the original trailer for the movie below!

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