Exclusive! New Martial Arts Action Star Ken Zheng Throws Down in a Clip from the Upcoming Action-Thriller INSIGHT!

By: John M Jerva

The exclusives keep on coming here at Action-Flix for the new martial arts actioner Insight which features up and coming action sensation Ken Zheng. The film hits theaters, Digital and VOD next week on March 12th and here’s an exclusive action fused fight scene courtesy of Gravitas Ventures from the movie that you’ll only see here!

INSIGHT, produced and directed by Livi Zheng. Written by and starring Ken Zheng, INSIGHT also stars Madeline Zima, Sean Patrick Flanery, John Savage, Adam Huss, Tony Todd, and Keith David. INSIGHT is slated for a day and date release on March 12, 2021.

Jian (Ken Zheng) is a counter terrorism agent who blends his skills as a martial artist and clairvoyant to bring the world’s most nefarious individuals to justice. This lone wolf is forced to make an unexpected detour to Los Angeles upon receipt of the devastating news of a cover up surrounding his brother’s alleged suicide. With the reluctant help of LAPD detectives, Abby (Madeline Zima), Carl (Tony Todd), and Captain Duke (Keith David), the unlikely group become involved in the investigation. Jian and Abby fight against a high-tech criminal (Sean Patrick Flanery) looking to exploit the brothers’ gifts in his quest for power.

“Insight seamlessly interweaves the best of martial arts, action, and science fiction. In short, it was an amazing experience to direct this genre blending, action packed movie. I’m happy that Insight will release in the US through the partnership with Gravitas Ventures,” said filmmaker Livi Zheng.

“It has been an exciting journey injecting sci-fi and martial arts to the script, two themes not commonly found together, which creates exhilarating moments in this movie. While brimming with action scenes, at its core, Insight is a movie about the bond between two brothers that spans across a lifetime. I am glad that through the partnership we have with Gravitas Ventures, that this film will release this March 12,” said Ken Zheng

“To me, Livi Zheng is one of the most exciting filmmakers in the indie world. She has so much drive and her film Insight is proof of that. It’s an ambitious martial arts movie and just the first in a long line of entertaining, original movies to come,” said Gravitas Ventures Senior Acquisition Manager Nick Royak.

The fight clip below really shows off Zheng’s skills and it looks like an indie action good time so check out the exclusive clip below and then be sure to check out the movie when it hits theaters and streaming services on March 12th!

Check out our exclusive interviews with star Ken Zheng, and co-star Adam Huss which are out now and look out for upcoming interviews with producer stunt coordinator Travis Wong and director Livi Zheng coming in the next few days.

Keep it locked and loaded right here for more exclusive reports on Insight!

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