ENHANCED: It’s War on Mutants in the Official Trailer for the Sci-Fi Actioner!

By: John M Jerva

This one looks pretty solid and it features the filmmaking brother duo of director James Mark and Chris Mark who put out the indie action film Kill Order a few years back. This follow up has a cool premise and a new trailer has hit for the upcoming sci-fi actioner Enhanced which highlights an elite private military unit who must protect society from superpowered mutants. When a lethal mutant grows stronger with each kill he makes, it’s up to one man to stop him. Watch the new teaser below courtesy of Vertical Entertainment!

George Shepherd is part of an elite private military unit that specializes in capturing mutant fugitives. When David, a super mutant, claims vengeance against the government, he gains power by eliminating his enhanced allies, getting stronger each time he kills others like him. On the cusp of total domination, George must join forces with an unlikely partner to end David’s killing spree.

Helmed by Kill Order’s James Mark, the movie stars his brother Chris Mark who also headlined the previous film as well as George Tchortov, Alanna Bale, and Eric Hicks. Known for their stunt work throughout the years, the Mark brothers look like they have dished out another round of sci-action excitement with some impressive looking fight action and special effects. Fans of Kill Order will undoubtedly take to this one with ease.

A sequel or continuation to Kill Order sees Bale headlining a new plot that builds from the original and this time it looks like Chris Mark’s character of David, who was the protagonist in the first film, taking on a more sinister role here.

Hitting on March 26th, the official trailer is embedded below for your viewing pleasure!

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