THE ART OF ACTION: Veteran Action Maestro Joey Ansah Chats with Scott Adkins!

By: John M Jerva

Veteran filmmaker, stunt professional, martial artist and all around bad ass Joey Ansah has out his stamp of signature action on many film and TV projects from blockbuster films to indie classics. From The Bourne Identity to The Old Guard, Ansah has cut his teeth in the industry and prospered with his talent in front and behind the camera. Now Ansah is stopping by The Art of Action and he’s telling all to Scott Adkins on the latest installment of the action star’s popular web series.

In episode 26, Scott is joined by Joey Ansah from The Bourne Ultimatum, The Old Guard & Mission Impossible. He is also writer & director of Street Fighter: Assassins Fist & Ressurection.

0:00 Intro

1:23 Martial Arts Background

10:34 Stunts or Drama

14:57 Bourne Ultimatum

40:45 Boyka

44:07 Green Street Hooligans

50:03 The Numbers Station

53:20 Street Fighter

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