THE ACTION FIX: Happy Birthday Michael Jai White!

By: John M Jerva

Another day and another birthday as today we celebrate the birthday of martial arts and action star Michael Jai White who turns 53 years young today. White has been a staple in the action genre as well as others with films like Triple Threat, Blood and Bone, Falcon Rising and most recently Welcome to Sudden Death and is definitely one of my favorites to watch.

As with all birthday celebrations on the site, I have chosen a special action sequence from one of White’s many contributions to the genre and this time we have a rather awesome fight sequence from The Hard Way on The Action Fix where he takes on former UFC champ turned actor Randy Couture. The movie which can be found on Netflix is a pretty decent action yarn which also stars Luke Goss.

The fight scene is the finale of the film and both men get ample opportunity to shine with White coming out on top in a brutal and fast paced throw down. It’s a well choreographed and shot scene where you can see their techniques clearly. For a DTV film, The Hard Way really delivers and White elevates crud pic like he always does and he gets to let loose with the fisticuffs in numerous scenes but the finale is the best of them all.

Happy Birthday Michael! Here’s to many more years of kicking ass on the screen!

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