SAIGON BODYGUARDS: Chris Pratt & Wu Jing Enlist for the Action-Comedy Remake for Universal and The Russo Brothers!

By: John M Jerva

Here’s some cool news for fans of Wolf Warrior and international action Star Wu Jing as he is set to team up with the MCU’s Chris Pratt for a new action-comedy remake of a Vietnamese film. The movie will be called Saigon BODYGURARDS and word from Deadline is that Universal and The Russo Brothers and their ABGO production banner are behind the project.

Per Deadline: Saigon Bodyguards focuses on two pals, one a straight arrow and the other a doof, who try to find a corporate heir who got kidnapped right under their noses. The plot thickens from there. Original was directed by Ken Ochiai (Ninja the Monster) and produced by Rhombus Media and TNA Entertainments; presented by CJ Entertainment; with the participation of Galaxy Media, PS Vietnam, Yeah 1 CMG and Media Village.

Can you guess which one is the straight arrow and which one is the food? I’ll give you three guesses and two do not count. Coincidentally, The Russos were consultants on Wu Jing’s massive blockbuster hit Wolf Warrior 2 so they not only have history with Pratt but they also have been in business with Jing as well.

While we wait for more on the project, check out the original trailer to the Vietnamese version the film will be based off on below!

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