The Action Fix: Best of the Best- Happy Birthday Donnie Yen!

Well yesterday it was The Stath and today July 27th, it is officially a very happy birthday for action icon Donnie Yen. The master of all things martial arts and Gun Fu is the top tier when it comes to electrifying audiences all over the world with his trademark, signature break neck action flicks so today, as I always do, I’m sharing a special video on YouTube of the man of the hour doing what he does best…cracking heads and pulverizing bones.

In honor of Yen’s day, I’ve selected a special compilation video from the folks over at HI-YAH! which highlights three of his best sequences from Big Brother, Special I.D. and Kung Fu Killer. Why have just one when it comes to the master when you can have three. Check out the Yen induced carnage below!

Happy Birthday Donnie and here’s to many more years of sacrificing your body to entertain the masses!

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