ARK EXITUS: Johnny Yong Bosch is at War with Doppelgängers in the New, Adrenalized Action/Sci-Fi Short!

By: John M Jerva

First of all, I must give credit to one of my Twitter brother for putting this on my radar as Richard Hawes @DTVRSH who runs the The DTV Digest just made my day with this new action/sci-fi short trailer from former Power Ranger, expert martial artist, filmmaker and actor Johnny Yong Bosch (Broken Path). The film is called Ark EXITUS and it featured Bosch in one cool as hell war with Doppelgängers from another dimension who are out to assume the identities of their counterparts.

The featured trailer shows off some amazing stunt work, fight choreography and even weapons that look a lot like lightsabers and Bosch is front and center kicking all kinds of butt. You can bet I’ll do my part to promote the hell out of this as it looks like it will definitely service fans hungry for their next action fix. Check it out below!

They look like us. And sound like us. But they are not us. Doppelgängers from a parallel universe have secretly assumed the identities of their opposites. To stop the threat of a mass invasion, STRUCTURE, a covert agency that polices interdimensional travel, has sent its best assassin.

Bosch did everything on this project and did the hat trick as he not only stars in it but he also co-wrote, edited and helmed the film. Kyle Higgins and Brian Buccellatto also served up writing credits on the project which also stars Jason Narvy who also worked with Bosch on Power Rangers as well as the 2002 action and stunt spectacle Extreme Heist.

Also starring in the all out slug fest is Naoyuki Ikeda, Saadia Mirza, Jennifer Alamaguer, Thomas Barron Sampson and Soji Arai.

The film is currently available to view through Sunday and you can check out Bosch’s tweet below with all the info fans need to watch the bone crunching action during the limited virtual release. Do yourself a favor and check it out before it’s gone!

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