PANAMA: Cole Hauser Joins Mel Gibson for the Action-Thriller from the Director of CRANK!

By: John M Jerva

Cole Hauser, who is the son of the great 80’s action actor Wings Hauser, is one of my favorite actors and his role of Red in Tears Of the Sun with Bruce Willis remains on the top of my list to this day. Hauser has always had a great look for action movies like his dad and now he’s teaming up with Mel Gibson for a new action-thriller titles Panama. The film will be helmed by Mark Neveldine who is best known for the Crank movies with Jason Statham and also Gerard Butler’s awesome Gamer.

Gibson will have a supporting role in the film which will see Yale Productions Jordan Beckerman and Jordan Yale Levine producing.

Per The Hollywood Reporter: The script, by Daniel Adams and William R. Barber, follows a rugged and decorated ex-marine (Hauser) who is sent undercover by his former commander (Gibson) to execute a high-value deal with untrustworthy adversaries.

Hauser and Gibson worked together before on 2004’s thriller Paparazzi which saw Hauser starring in with Gibson producing per his Icon Productions banner. Gibson is also set to be seen in Joe Carnahan’s Boss Level which also stars Frank Grillo but that’s film still does not have a release date. Hauser can currently be seen in the series Yellowstone with Kevin Costner.

It’s great to see Hauser getting lead roles in action films and I enjoyed his recent action effort Acts Of Violence which also co-starred Bruce Willis.

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