Stallone Teases the Return of RAMBO!

By: John M Jerva

Once again, take this with a grain of salt as I’m still waiting for Expendables 4 which Stallone has teased on numerous occasions but good ‘ol Sly is teasing the return of John J. Rambo even after he said that Rambo: Last Blood would be the swan song for the iconic warrior.

As many of you know, the extended cut of Last Blood which is the version that should have been released in theatres to begin with has since been deployed on Amazon Prime as well as other Digital Platforms. This is the version that Sly says is the definitive one and stated: “This is the cut I worked on and ALWAYS thought this CUT was MUCH, much better than the theatrical release. If you saw Rambo Last Blood in the theater, you owe to yourself to see the REAL cut. Thank you.”

In regards to what could happen to John in a future entry, Stallone answered that in an interview with Shigz Channel via

If I ever did another one, I think he would go back to the Indian reservation that he grew up on because he has Indian family.

It sure is fun to talk about but anymore, I’m not sure if we’ll see another Rambo or Expendables film but I’m still trying to stay positive. Stallone, in his 70’s now, is still going strong so hopefully we get one more Rambo, Rocky and The Expendables from him.

This is ongoing of course so keep it locked and loaded right here as we are your destination for everything action!

Source:, Shigz Channel and Instagram

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