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Scott Adkins & Marko Zaror Analyze Their Classic Fight from UNDISPUTED 3: REDEMPTION!

By: John M Jerva

Pop quiz hotshot! What’s better than watching action superstars Scott Adkins and Marko Zaror go toe to toe in their iconic fisticuffs fueled brawl from Undisputed 3: Redemption? Well that’s simple. It’s watching the two discuss it thoroughly on YouTube, that’s what.

That’s exactly what Adkins and Zaror did recently in a great behind the scenes video which was posted on Scott’s official YouTube channel. The finale of that film is regarded by many as one of the best western martial arts fights ever captured on film and it certainly shows both men at their all time best in an extended fight sequence that features all the jaw dropping visuals that action fans could ever hope for.

Both Adkins and Zaror are masters of insane, extreme martial arts moves where they literally defy gravity at every turn and this fight, which lasts over 10 minutes, definitely has all their signature moves in it.

Both men have been featured in some incredible fight action on screen throughout the years but it is this fight that they will best be remembered for and each men state that it is a personal favorite of theirs. As well it should be. I know it’s one of mine and I’ve probably watched just that fight over 100 times alone.

In the 37 minute BTS video, Adkins and Zaror give their thoughts on the match and what it took to bring it to life. They also candidly speak about moments in that scene that really stood out for them. This is a great watch and it really shows how much love for cinematic combat these two gentlemen really have.

Check out the full video below and it’s probably time to get your copy of the film out and crank it up in the Blu-Ray player!

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