EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Director and Action Maestro Jesse V. Johnson Talks DEBT COLLECTORS and More!

By: Danny Templegod

Greetings Valued Dan’s Movie Report and Action-Flix.com readers! Exciting news
is on the horizon, the sequel to The Debt Collector called Debt Collectors is coming out Worldwide! In the U.K. the title will be called Payback. Director Jesse V. Johnson stops by for a brief chat regarding the film, and a future update to the second Accident Man! Action-Flix.com has the updated information for the U.K. Release below!


UK DVD Cover Art

For the US, the film is called Debt Collectors and is available for pre-order on
Amazon, the title releases June 2nd

U.S. Cover Art

1) Danny Templegod: How did you decide to do a second one, initially was the film
supposed to be a single movie?

JVJ: The first film proved extraordinarily successful financially, and the Executive Producers made me a very generous offer to tell another story with the same
characters. Scott was more enthusiastic than I was and it was from his original
idea that the script was written, and his enthusiasm for re-visiting this pair of scalawags that drew me in.

Jesse V. Johnson with Scott Adkins on set. Photo courtesy of Jesse V. Johnson’s Official Facebook Page

2) Danny Templegod: I noticed that Mayling Ng and Marina Sirtis are in the second
one, chat about their involvement and what lead you to working with them? I
know Selina Lo worked on the first one, I am assuming due to her being involved
with Boss Level that her character is not used in part 2.

JVJ: Mayling auditioned and did a great reading, she has an incredible look, and is
really, very professional and dedicated. Marina Sirtis, I had worked with before
and enjoyed, and was thrilled she could join us. Selene Lo’s character was not involved in this story line, or we would have asked her to return.

Jesse V. Johnson and Scott Adkins on set. Photo courtesy of Jesse V. Johnson’s Official Facebook Page

3) Danny Templegod: Any interesting set stories from Debt Collectors you can
share that you have yet to discuss, can be bad or good, or humorous.

JVJ: These films can be as exciting to make as they are to watch.  We had an
insanely adventurous time making this one. We had a department that held us
ransom mid-way through the shoot, basically blackmailing production to get more money.

Multiple incidents with police needing to be paid-off, where the producers had
hoped to slip by unnoticed and we were closed-down when squads of patrol cars
turned up. We had more guns and explosives and firepower on this one than
before, which brought it’s own limitations. We had the sprinkler system in a
nightclub mysteriously triggered one day causing enormous delays and damage.
But the cast and crew were troopers and everyone involved in a creative capacity
committed 110% to making a worthy successor to the first movie.  It was an
exciting and thrilling experience.

Luke Lafontaine and Scott and Louis have pulled out all the stops with the fights.

Louis Mandylor and Scott Adkins in Debt Collectors!

4) Danny Templegod: Curious also about if there will be a second Accident Man film,
if so has any script or ideas been written?

JVJ: Stu Small has written an excellent script.  There has been a hierarchy change
at Sony, which unfortunately has delayed the process, but we’re all optimistic

Scott Adkins takes aim in Debt Collectors!

Danny Templegod: Thanks Jesse, short and sweet, thank you for taking the time
out of your schedule for this interview.

JVJ: I would definitely suggest talking to Mayling Ng, Charity Collins and Marina Sirtis.

Scott Adkins, Louis Mandylor and Jesse V. Johnson on set. Photo courtesy of IMDb

For more information on Jesse V. Johnson please visit his official Facebook Page @

Dazzler Media UK Trailer
Official Samuel Goldwyn U.S. Trailer

About The Author: Danny Templegod is the owner and operator of the all exclusive Dan’s Movie Report and is a part time contributor for Action-Flix.com

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