RAMBO: LAST BLOOD EXTENDED CUT Now Available on Amazon Prime!

By: John M Jerva

Why this version wasn’t available to North American audiences from the get go remains a mystery but we finally have the extended cut of Rambo: Last Blood and it’s available to subscribers of Amazon Prime right now.

Hailed as the swan song for Sylvester Stallone’s iconic one man war machine, Last Blood is a brutal and relentless assault on the senses with the finale culminating into one of the bloodiest showdowns in action cinema history.

A lot was made about the film at the time of release with many saying that this entry didn’t feel like a Rambo flick but I thought it did and in my review I stated that it was a reinvention if the character as he is no longer the unstoppable one man army he used to be as he is now older and broken.

The extended cut runs roughly 12 minutes longer with the biggest addition being the prologue where Rambo saves hikers from a torrential storm and flood. This scene also includes the appearance of Debt Collectors star Louis Mandylor who plays a sheriff helping with the rescue operations. This scene is pivotal as it gives Rambo the heroic moment he needed as many thought that this aspect was lacking from the theatrical cut we got here in the U.S.

There are other little changes here and there but all in all this version should have been the one given to us from the get go and if anything else, they should have included in the Blu-Ray release.

Rambo: Last Blood shows off a more savage side to the Vietnam vet if that was even possible as the previous entry went full on barbaric in its action set pieces. Here though, Rambo becomes an instrument of cold blooded retribution as the only person left in this world that he cares about is tragically stripped away from him. The warrior turns on his lethal combat skills one more time as he mercilessly carves a path of destruction through a gauntlet of vile drug cartel members.

Check out my exclusive review of the film here: https://action-flix.com/2019/09/22/review-rambo-last-blood-stallone-reinvents-his-iconic-character-for-one-more-bloody-savage-fight/

If you have Amazon Prime and you’re an action junkie and most importantly a Rambo junkie then this is essential viewing to the max. Check it out!

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