THE INTERGALACTIC ADVENTURES OF MAX CLOUD: Fresh Images Drop for the Upcoming Scott Adkins Sci-Fi Action-Comedy!

By: John M Jerva

We all know that Scott Adkins is set to reunite with Louis Mandylor on May 29th as the Jesse V. Johnson helmed sequel Debt Collectors is set to roll out on Digital and VOD but in the meantime, we got some fresh images for another upcoming Adkins project.

The film, which is a change of pace for the action ace, is the sci-fi action comedy The Intergalactic Adventures of Max Cloud which sees Adkins trying his hand at comedy although lately, he’s been opening up audiences’ eyes with his wit in films like Accident Man and the original The Debt Collector.

In Max Cloud, Adkins stars as the titular hero who unfortunately crash lands on a prison planet housing criminals. Interestingly enough, it’s all a video game as a teenager gets stuck inside wth Adkins and crew who are characters in the game. Check out the new images below!

I actually posted about this film on my older, deleted website so it’s great to bring it over to the new platform as a release date and trailer are forthcoming.

Helmed by Martin Owen, the film also stars John Hannah,  Elliot James Langridge, Lashana Lynch,  Jason Maza and Tommy Flanagan.

This one looks interesting and if anything it has Adkins firing off a laser gun do that right there should be worth the price of admission alone plus Adkins will be doing some hand to hand combat in it so hopefully the action and comedy delivers. Even though Adkins is on hiatus from filming his action film Castle Falls with Dolph Lundgren, we still have this film as well as Seized, Legacy Of Lies and the already mentioned Debt Collectors to look forward so there will be no shortage of Scott Adkins to go around in the coming months.

Keep it locked and loaded right here for more on the film!


Source- IMDb

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