THE ACTION FIX: Michael Jai White Aims High in the Crowd Pleasing FALCON RISING!

By: John M Jerva

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been on a little bit of a Michael Jai White kick lately as the last Action Fix featured the action star in Blood and Bone and now this week, I give you another awesome fight clip from another rad film of his which is Falcon Rising. White is no stranger to brutal and fierce fisticuffs and the climax of this film is no exception with White delivering some of his best stuff ever.

Falcon Rising was to be the first in a franchise for Michael which sadly hasn’t culminated up to this point but even though that hasn’t happened, fans can still celebrate in this one as it is one of his best and features the same fight choreography that is expected from the man.

In Falcon Rising, White plays former soldier John “Falcon” Chapman who is suffering from PTSD and instead of destroying himself, he finds a new lease on life when he takes on the Yakuza after his sisiter is violently attacked. While in Brazil, Chapman discovers a conspiracy much bigger than he could ever imagine that includes dirty cops, organized crime and the sex trade. He’s a one man assault force though so the odds are pretty much even.

Falcon Rising features a bevy of lethal fists of fury from White but the finale is the real highlight when he takes on not one, not two but three baddies in Lateef Crowder, Jimmy Navarro and Masashi Odate who are responsible for what happened to his sister Cindy played by Laila Ali.

The fight is fast and furious (pardon the pun) and it features all of White’s trademark moves and he has never looked better as he executes an array of electrifying aerial moves that the martial arts phenom is known for. Crowder, who also took on Scott Adkins in Undisputed 3, puts up a great fight and delivers his signature Caporiera techniques that give White’s Chapman a run for the money.

The scene lasts just over four minutes which is a very satisfying time length and all the combatents use everything that they got in a crowd pleasing display of action that involves fists, feet, guns and swords. The highlight has to be for me when White delivers a penetrating flying kick while firing a pistol at the same time. A thing of action bliss and beauty.

Michael Jai White has always been a favorite of mine like I’ve said in the past ever since I saw his moves in Universal Soldier: The Return and he continues to thrill to this day as he always brings it and more in the action and fight game.

Maybe one day, White will revisit this character but until that day, fans have this little gem of an action film to enjoy and it is one you should check out or watch again to cure you self isolation blues. Check out the scene of the hour below! It’s the latest edition of The Action Fix!

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