EFM: Gerard Butler Enlists for STX’s Action-Thriller REMOTE CONTROL

By: John M Jerva

(Above Photo: Butler dishes out the pain in a scene from Angel Has Fallen)

News from the past week’s European Film Market in Berlin has been a treasure trove to say the least and we have more cool 411 for you all which concerns Has Fallen franchise action star Gerard Butler who will headline a new action-thriller for STX called Remote Control.

The report actually came out a few days ago via Deadline but I just saw it last night so I thought I would share as Butler is a constant draw for action fans. Butler is going to be facing more huge conspiracies once again but something tells me he can handle himself.

Per Deadline: STX will distribute in the U.S. and launch international sales this week in Berlin on the movie which will follow Michael Rafter (Butler), a former war correspondent turned corporate security consultant, whose life is overturned when he receives a mysterious phone call from an unknown source.

Intrigued by the caller’s intent, Rafter investigates and soon uncovers the threads of a global conspiracy, finding himself drawn into a fight for his life and pursued by the 212, a powerful shadow organization. Rafter soon discovers he has been targeted and framed as the notorious international assassin, Julian Irving. With his own identity erased, Rafter turns to the only person he can trust – his former lover, Tracy, who is also implicated in the conspiracy. On the run together, they must stay ahead of the 212, the CIA and a team of professional assassins, and unravel the mystery while trying to stay alive.

John Mathieson (Gladiator) who is an Oscar nominated Director of Photography will helm the flick and Butler will also produce along with partner Alan Siegel under their G-Force production banner.

Butler has been associated with STX before having starred in Den Of Thieves which will see a sequel coming in the future as well as the upcoming thriller Greenland which scored big at last year’s EFM.

Butler, of course, will revisit his character of Mike Banning also as more Has Fallen films have been planned.

He’s one busy man for sure and it looks like he will be delivering the action goods for years to come. Keep it locked and loaded right here for more to drop!

Source: Deadline- https://deadline.com/2020/02/gerard-butler-action-thriller-remote-control-hyde-park-stx-bond-producers-eon-efm-1202862027/?fbclid=IwAR3w83fNMhxrcrILdc5ujna8Ts3RDZzI5kfEbWazw2efr_bUuxtBL7D8nZ0

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