CAO Top Sequels Tencent 2022
CAO Top Sequels Tencent 2022

THE IRON MASK: Jackie Chan and Arnold Schwarzenegger Unite for One Epic Adventure as the Long Awaited Fantasy Adventure Hits UK Cinemas in April!

By: John M Jerva

Here’s another film that I had promoted a little on my older website and now it looks like fans in the UK will get to see it as the epic adventure pic The Iron Mask is getting an April release overseas. The film which is actually a sequel to a hit Russian film titled VIY 2 which is helmed by Director Oleg Stepchenko. The film also has been known as The Mystery of the Dragon Seal: Journey to China and it features action heavyweights Jackie Chan and Arnold Schwarzenegger. There is s new poster and trailer to celebrate the release which is available below.

Official Synopsis: The English traveller Jonathan Green receives from Peter the Great an order to map the Russian Far East. Once again he sets out for a long journey full of incredible adventures that will eventually lead him to China. The cartographer will unexpectedly face a lot of breathtaking discoveries, encounter bizarre creatures, meet with Chinese Princesses, and confront deadly martial arts masters, and even the king of all dragons, the Dragon King. What could be more dangerous than meeting eye-to-eye with Viy, except doing it again? What would be stronger this time, a staunch skepticism of the scientist or the old black magic that has seized power of Eastern lands?

The film also stars Jason Flemyng as Jonathan Green who is assigned to draw a map of Russia’s Far East and this leads to many fantastic adventures. Veteran character actor Charles Dance also stars along with Chinese triplet actors The Luu Brothers, Anno Yao and the late, great Rutger Hauer in one of his last performances.

This is an interesting movie to say the least as filming was completed in 2017 and the post production has been hell with stories of re-shoots and feuding amongst the production partners. The movie did hit China and Russia last year.

All that aside. The Iron Mask will finally see the light of day and the UK will be getting the film when it hits select cinemas and Digital on April 10th courtesy of Signature Entertainment. A new trailer has just bee released which features Chan and Arnie heavily which makes sense because you want to promote the film the best way possible and these are two of the biggest international action stars in one movie.

There is no word of a North American Release date as of yet so we will keep our eyes peeled for that one. In the meantime, check out the UK trailer below!

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